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5 Reasons Why You'll Love Acadian Lobster Dinners In Grand-Étang This Summer 2022!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Among many incredible visits to experience along the #CabotTrail this Summer 2022, the “Salt Water, Lobster and Tunes” dinner event is one particularly delightful exploration of local flavours.

This authentically Acadian cultural experience takes place at 6.30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Mi-Carême Interpretive Centre during the months of July and August 2022. So, what makes these #lobster dinners so amazing?

1) The BEST of local freshness!

The farm fresh crispy greens are grown with love at local organic @FrontPorchFarm, in Margaree Harbour. The lovely little homemade bread buns are baked in none other than the local favourite #BoulangerieAucoin oven in Petit-Étang.

The lobster itself comes from the very same ocean waters you can admire from the Centre. So yes, pretty much as local as it gets!

Oh, and while we’re talking local deliciousness, be prepared to reel in some of the most delightful maritime scents while your lobster is cooking away!

That's the beauty of the Acadian lobster tradition: a massive steaming pot of ocean water is put to boil over a large gas campfire pit, the lobsters are delicately placed in together, and Voilà! Your lobster is steamed to savoury juicy perfection by local experts tapping into Acadian knowledge that has passed down generations. Yum, Bon Appétit!

2) Spectacular Ocean Views Ahoy!

This event takes place outdoors, and not just any spot! What a fantastic feast for the eyes it is: the vast ocean on one side, and on the other the rolling emerald-green highland hills of Cape-Breton foregrounded with Grand-Étang's tranquil fishing harbour!

In a recovering Covid-19 world, this stunning ocean backdrop is a significant advantage - there is lots of room for everyone, plenty of social distancing space where needed, and all that delightful ocean breeze is the best ventilated solution you could ever hope for!

Bonus: Children can play on the Centre’s front grassy area (where parents can see them) coming to and fro as they please, thanks to the thoughtfully planned and spacious table area!

3) Ocean Sunset Delight!

There is yet another stunning feature to this outdoors ocean dinner scene: the Mi-Carême Centre is nestled along the western shores of Cape-Breton, which means you’re gifting yourself with an astonishing ocean sunset to accompany your delicious meal.

There is nothing quite as eye-marvelling as watching the golden-orangey hues turning into pinks (and even purples on a very clear day) as the sun sets. Simply breathtaking!

4) Wonderfully Unique Maritimes Music: The Acadian Touch!

To give you an even more exquisite taste of Acadian culture, the Mi-Carême Centre has even teamed up with some of the best local musicians!

Experience the wonderfully enchanting and unique sounds of Acadian fiddle music - this folklore is found absolutely nowhere else in the world!

5) The Secret Feature!

A fabulous unknown feature of these lobster dinners is that the Mi-Carême Centre’s one-of-a-kind mask gallery, museum and boutique remain open for dinner guests to explore during the event.

All other local businesses are closed after 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays. So these events give you an opportunity to make the most of your evening in Grand-Étang, get your hands on some of the most unique handcrafted Cabot Trail souvenirs AND beat the crowds of the Centre's regular visiting hours!

This little hidden Acadian gem is where enchantingly fun memories are made: whether you’ve spent the day whale-watching, hiking, waterfall chasing, kayaking or simply collecting the best ocean views ever, these “Salt Water, Lobster and Tunes” Dinner Events are an exceptional way to indulge after a wonderful day exploring the marvels of the Cabot Trail!

Book Now your "Salt Water, Lobster and Tunes" while you still can (multiple dates available through July and August 2022)!

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