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6 Cabot Trail selfies to "NOT" do before October 15th... unless you want to have fun!

Heading to the west side of the Cabot Trail this Fall? What a brilliant idea!! There is so much outdoors (and indoors) fun to be had, including taking selfie souvenirs of it all!

1. Take a square dance selfie! (or a "silly dance" selfie if you don't know how to square dance) while enjoying some live toe-tapping, fun fiddle music!

There are so many options this fall: Celtic Colours Festival venues (buy tickets here, the Mi-Carême Centre's Acadian Dinner Event (Grand Étang, The Doorman Pub & Grill in Chéticamp, or various Ceilidh events (look for pop-up road signs or check at local tourist centres)... the choice is yours! Upbeat and fun local fiddle tunes are truly worth the stop... and the dance!

Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

2. Meet a Majestic Moose or Make Eye Contact with a Harbour Seal Selfie (or both)! The busiest time of the year (summer) is over so the trails are quieter, which means that you are more likely to spot some Cabot Trail wildlife! On the Skyline Trail (or neighbouring trails in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park) you may be able to spot moose, black bears and (hopefully not in your case) coyotes. Meanwhile, on the South-westerly point rocks of Chéticamp Island, there are seals regularly hunting in the waters, so if you wait patiently, you'll see them checking you out from between the waves (careful not to venture out too far onto rocks that are darker than the rest, not only will you disturb the sea birds, but a sudden powerful wave can wash you off into the crashing waters at any time). Be mindful: the Southern part of Chéticamp Island is private property, but owners allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the location as long as you are respectful of it.

Following the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona, some trails may be closed. Please check Cape Breton Highland's Park website for updates before you go.

Photo credit : Tourism Nova Scotia

3. Spectacular Surroundings Yoga Selfie: Take a Yoga buddy with you to Cape Breton Highlands National Park's Skyline Trail before sunrise (or before sunset as pictured here)!

Savour an invigorating yoga session while the sun illuminates the stunning ocean views for you (sun salutation pose selfie please!).

"Namaste here I think!"

Following the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona, some trails may be closed. Please check Cape Breton Highland's Park website for updates before you go.

Photo credit: Tourism Nova Scotia

4. Sweet Treat Selfies: Buy 6 of any fabulous sweet treats from Aucoin Boulangerie in Chéticamp and take a selfie enjoying each one of them in 6 different places you like along the Cabot Trail...

Or on 6 different hiking trails,

Or on 6 different beaches,

Or in front of 6 different waterfalls (see this article to find out which ones are closest:éticamp-this-summer-2022-2-ways-to-enjoy-your-1-day-visit)

Or in front of 6 different stunning views (red maple and green spruce forests, ocean views, gushing rivers, lighthouses...)

Yep, the tasty treat selfies options are endless!

Photo Credit: Aucoin Bakery

5. "Spot the mi-carême" Selfie: Book a fun Mask Painting hands-on experience at the whimsical Mi-Carême Centre, and paint your funniest, quirkiest mask ever. Then choose your disguise and pose as a mi-carême among the mannequins for an authentically Acadian "I Spy" selfie ! Will your friends and family spot you? Learn all sorts of fun, interesting facts about Acadie's centuries-old, beloved tradition while you're there!

Want more? Check out the Centre's other crafty Fall events: get ready for some of the most creative fun, imagined just for you!

6. Cold Sea-Dip Selfie (or a chilly toe-dip "sel-feet"): Dare your travelling companions and yourself to a full body dip (or toe dip) in the now-not-so-warm waves of Inverness beach, Chimney Corner beach or Chéticamp Island beach: Wildly Silly (funny face) Selfies guaranteed!

Are cold-dip challenge selfies not your thing? A spectacular sunset selfie on the hidden Belle-Côte beach (pictured here) is sure to stun those back home! The beach is behind the rock "wall" and there are accesses here and there, it can be a bit of a hunt, but the view is worth it!

7. Surprise us! What's your seventh silly selfie challenge you accomplished along the Cabot Trail?

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