Mi-Carême Interpretive Centre

Cultural Center Cape Breton

Did you know that...

the Mi-Carême Centre is the only interpretive centre in Canada dedicated to the wonderfully whimsical Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent) celebration? A team of passionate guides cannot wait to greet you and tell you all about it!


Come discover everything about the centuries-old fantastic and fun-filled Acadian tradition of the Mi-Carême, which is still celebrated every winter in the Grand-Étang area.

Initiate yourself...

Art Studio Mi-Carême center
Our Experiences

year-round cultural events organized by the Mi-Carême Centre, in a casual, friendly and spirited atmosphere. You can always expect laughter, music and delectable Acadian tastes!

Come nourish your creative spirit with our Ocean Creations workshops, in a breathtaking ocean-shore setting!

Come enjoy...

to the art of disguise with our beautiful mask workshop! Be amazed by your own creativity as you craft your own mask, and bring home one of your most memorable souvenirs yet!

Following the workshop, enjoy a visit of the Mi-Carême’s museum area. The astonishing story of the Mi-Carême celebration is revealed to you through fun and original interactive displays - there is nothing quite like it!

Prepare to be...

Our Boutique Cultural Center

inspired and enchanted by the art-pieces displayed by the Mi-Carême Center! It is our mission to delight our visitors with the incredible craftsmanship of our local artists.

Their unique skill and knowledge have been handed down for generations, their creations are true gems of Acadian heritage! Make sure you also stop by our artisanal boutique, there are many locally handcrafted pieces that will make perfect gifts for those you love, or treasured souvenirs of Grand-Étang to take home with you.

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51 Old Cabot Trail Road, Grand-Étang, Nova Scotia

Centre de la Mi-Carême


Adult: (19 to 64) $5.00

Senior: (65 and over) $4.00

Student: $4.00

Child: (5 and under) Free

Family: (2 adults, 2–3 children) $12.00

Groups: (10+)

Tour group: $4.00 per person

School group: $3.50 per person

Mi-Carême Characters

How to find us

Once you are on the Cabot Trail and see the Grand Étang Harbour, turn onto the road that hugs the harbour and you will see the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre. The Centre is located behind the LeMoine Co-op Store of Grand Étang. We are pleased to offer free parking at the site.

Season 2022 - Opening Times

June 29th 2022 to October 14th 2022 

Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 4pm


Meet our Team...

Wishing a Warm Welcome to our new Managing Director!


Welcome Yvette! We’re so excited to have you with us! Tell us about you, where do you come from?

From here, Cape Breton’s Acadie! My mother was born and raised in Chéticamp, and I have marvellous memories of cooking and chatting away in French with my Mémère! My pride and love for my Acadian heritage have grown more profound over the years: our history, our culture and our traditions are very important to me, and I am very attached to our wonderful Acadian community! In fact, I previously contributed to touristic Acadian initiatives such as the Festival de l’Escaouette and the Roots and Boots Festival!

Painting and refurbishing forgotten items is another of my passions. Being so curious-natured and creative, I am just as comfortable using a saw as I am a toaster haha!

So joining the Mi-Carême Centre is like reuniting everything I love in one place!

I am so looking forward to sharing the beauty of the Acadian culture with all those who visit the Mi-Carême Centre this Summer 2022! 

What makes you “Sing, Laugh and Dance” in life?

Everything! There is magic everywhere! Smiling and laughing come so easily to me, and my personal motto is to Live Positively! Singing, hmm I’ll leave that to others, but you’ll often find me dancing or tapping my toes to a good fiddle tune, especially if it's my favorite: Marc Boudreau - what talent!

What is your favourite Mi-Carême Centre mask? 

Oh! Without a doubt: the mask of Évangeline !

What do you love most about the Mi-Carême tradition? 

I did enjoy running the Mi-Carême once or twice, but I found my fun was in being a “watcher”: guessing the identities behind all the disguises! I love seeing people having as much fun trying to disguise not only their appearance, but their voices, their demeanor, and their stature as well!

My favorite part is when a Mi-Carême invites me specifically to the challenge: it means I am someone they know well, and I know I can be extra playful in guessing who they are. Best times ever!


Besides the Mi-Carême Centre (of course!), what is your favourite spot along the Cabot Trail? 

La Pointe: at the end of the (Chéticamp) island, where a fishing harbour once was. Its scenery calms me, its history astounds me, it’s a beautiful spot! The Cabot Trail has so many breathtaking places to visit - how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful place!