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Mi-Carême Interpretive Centre

Cultural Center Cape Breton

Did you know that...

we are the only interpretive centre in Canada dedicated to the whimsical tradition of Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent)!


We carry the celebration with us throughout the year, sharing it with all who visit, and we have experienced guides who cannot wait to tell you more! We encourage you to immerse yourself further in the experience with one of our workshops, or join us Sunday evening for local music and dance!

Begin your journey

Art Studio Mi-Carême center

with the art of disguise - the true fun behind Mi-Carême! Our Mask Workshop allows you to create a mask all your own and bring your imagination to life. An interactive souvenir you can both play with and admire.


Next, visit our museum, enjoy local folkart, and wonder at our wall of masks!

Relax and breathe in the sea air

Our Experiences

with friendly and spirited entertainment. We love hosting year-round events where you can expect laughter, local music & artists, and delectable Acadian tastes - savoury

and sweet!


Then let your love for the sea and salt air nourish your creative spirit with our Ocean Creations Workshop,

the view is breathtaking!

Prepare to be

Our Boutique Cultural Center

inspired by the skill and knowledge that has been handed down for genereations in all art forms, true gems of Acadian heritage! It is our mission to delight you with local craftmanship, storytelling, and all things both past and present. The Acadian spirit is ALIVE and thrives in Grand Étang and Cheticamp, so be sure to grab a memento or treasure before you go and take a piece of us home with you.

Visit Us

Visit Us!


51 Old Cabot Trail Road, Grand-Étang, Nova Scotia

Season 2024 - Opening Times

June 1st to October 20th 2024 

7 days a week: 10am to 5pm

How to find us

Once you are on the Cabot Trail and see the Grand Étang Harbour, turn onto the road that hugs the harbour and you will see the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre. The Centre is located behind the LeMoine Co-op Store. We are pleased to offer free parking at the site.


Adult: (19 to 64) $5.00

Senior: (65 and over) $4.00

Student: $4.00

Child: (5 and under) Free

Family: (2 adults, 2–3 children) $12.00

Groups: (10+)

Tour group: $4.00 per person

School group: $3.50 per person

Mi-Carême Characters
Ancre 2

Meet the Artist herself!

Diane Bourgeois

Cadre jaune points rouge-30,7cmX22,9cm-$90-307g_edited.jpg

Come on behind the scenes and meet Diane Bourgeois, our artist in residence at the Mi-Carême Centre! She truly is the heART and soul of our Interpretative Centre!

As a folk-artist with over 1000 paintings and creative art pieces, Diane Bourgeois is a beloved wood-sculptor and painter from Chéticamp. She has a talent for depicting typical scenes from Cape-Breton with a colourful and liberating “Naïve Art” approach, inviting spectators to reconnect with their own childhood innocence. You can catch glimpses of her artwork at different art-festivals throughout Nova-Scotia, but most often it can be admired, and even bought, here at the Mi-Carême Centre.

Diane's Role with the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre

Diane facilitates the Mi-Carême Mask and OceanFront Creations workshops for young children, youth, families, and adults. She also works on all art projects with the Centre’s members and volunteers.


For Diane, creating a fun and reassuring environment for others, and helping them take an artistic leap of faith as they contemplate trying something they have never done, or that they feel nervous about doing, is important to her, “just try it and see” she suggests with a grin. Diane pours her heart and energy into everything she does. Her art shines bright, so vibrantly colourful and joyful that it touches the heart, and you can't help but smile!

Create Art with Diane this Summer 2024!

You too can join our wonderfully kind and talented Diane during one of her art workshops this summer! 


Book your spot for one of our Oceanfront Creations Workshops or Mask Workshops! Bookings are preferred to walk-ins simply because we're never quite sure how full we'll be on any given day.


We're excited to see you!

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