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Where do crab & lobster fishing ropes go to retire after a strenuous life out in the rough oceans? Art Marée Haute (Nicole and Tanya) two artsy changemakers from Chéticamp, saved them from the landfills and are giving them an inspiring rope-woven purpose!

Lovingly handcrafted along the famous Cabot Trail’s shores in Cape Breton, Art Marée Haute’s marvellous mirrors, welcoming doormats and splendid creatures of the ocean add a fantastically unique maritimes touch to any home decor!

We couldn’t be more excited that Art Marée Haute chose our lovely whimsical Centre to showcase their joyful talent!

@ArtMareeHauteNS  @artmareehaute1

Feast your eyes - whether you're outside taking in our Interpretive Centre's stunning Cabot Trail ocean and highland views, or inside... admiring Michel Soucy's beautiful fine art work and photography!

Michel studied photography at Dawson's Institute of Photography in Montreal, and passionately captures typical, yet stunningly inspiring scenes from the Cabot Trail - scenes you will see only here in Cape Breton's Acadie!

Michel's art collection sells both here and internationally, and we are so very proud that he chose the Mi-Carême Centre to display his captivating work! @micheljssoucy

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If you love whimsical Folk Art, then Jason Roach's artistic talent will capture your heart so fast you'll not even have time to blink! A true artist at heart, Music and the Fine Arts are two of Jason's passions. By blissfully blending the two, he gifts us with really amusing and innovative art to enjoy. These art pieces imagined and brought to canvas along the shores of the Cabot Trail make a fabulous addition to any art collection, and guaranteed they'll be at the center of some playful conversations!

We are so very grateful that Jason chose to display his inspiring work at the Mi-Carême Centre: we see the smiles when eyes discover his art for the first time, and we just love witnessing it, time and time again!  @OuterStrathspace 

...and Artisans

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Delight your tastebuds! Salt Spray Farm is a family-owned farm, nestled along the shores of the Cabot Trail. They concoct succulent salad dressings in small batches using only fresh local ingredients and no preservatives. Cape Breton fresh raspberries and maple syrup are the star features in their wonderful Maple Miso and Raspberry Balsamic salad dressings! A little special treat for us, the batches are prepared directly on-site in the Mi-Carême Centre's very own kitchen!

Acadian flavours at their best - and we are so very delighted that Sea Salt Farm chose the Mi-Carême Centre to carry such amazing local deliciousness!


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These "Seriously Snobby Jellies" by Culture Fusion Kitchen have us all excited, and what a delicious treat they are, whether enjoyed on a gourmet sandwich, a charcuterie, or a cheese board!

Fabulously fruity and tangy with a signature cocktail feature (or fine wine), that gives them such bright and breezy pizzazz - they are perfect to accompany fun times! Proudly concocted along the Cabot Trail shores, they make a wonderfully unique local gift to bring back and enjoy, or to bring back as a thoughtful gift for a special someone who loves little tasty treat treasures! We can't tell you how fortunate we feel that Culture Fusion Kitchen has chosen the Mi-Carême Centre to showcase their kitchen talent! 


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Do you know how Chéticamp hooked rugs came about?

They emerged in the early 1900s from a very useful tradition of crafting thick rugs to keep one's feet warm during the rigorous Cape Breton winter months. Hooked rugs were made by pulling little loops of hand dyed yarn through a sturdy woven base such as a rug warp, burlap or linen, and over time the once simple designs became more and more intricate, turning into true works of art!

Isabelle and Betty-Ann Cormier's perpetrate this authentic Acadian hooked-rug tradition by designing the cutest little hooked-rug creations! Lovingly woven along the Cabot Trail by two fabulous ladies from Chéticamp (a mother and her daughter), these unique decorations inspire such a lovely cozy feeling - and we couldn't be more delighted to showcase their wonderful art at the Mi-Carême Centre!

Enchantingly inspiring nautical and Celtic designs with an elegant Cabot Trail signature: that what makes Hollow By The Sea Jewelry so special! What is even more awe-striking is that it is all lovingly handmade along the shores of Cape Breton by one very, very talented artisan - how wonderful is that?

Cute anklets, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all nickel-free jewelry that is guaranteed to bring pizzazz and sparkle to your day - these thoughtfully created pieces are a perfect 100%local gift for someone special (or for yourself!), bringing an authentic little Cape Breton magic home with you!

We are so grateful that Hollow By the Sea Jewelry chose to showcase their talent in our Artisanal Boutique - we'd honestly buy everything in a heartbeat, but our boutique's visitors really deserve to discover them too!

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