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Our Boutique

Welcome to our artisanal boutique!

Come discover a rich and beautiful collection of handcrafted treasures made in our studio by artists in residence and student apprentices, using unique, increasingly rare skills that have been handed down through generations!

As true pieces of Acadian heritage, some of these art pieces are even made with local materials collected right here in the Grand-Étang area! Rocks, reclaimed wood, seashells, marine debris and sea glass all receive a wonderfully creative makeover by our local artists!

These delightfully unique art-pieces not only make great souvenirs to take home, they also make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, christenings, housewarmings, teacher's gifts, baby gifts and any of life’s wonderful occasions where you want to show those around you how much you love them!

Being handmade items, there can be slight differences making each art piece completely unique. This way, no one will have the same one as you do!

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