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Mi-Carême 2023!

Everything you need to know for Mi-Careme 2023’s week of festivities!


Homes and organizations welcoming the mi-carême runners

  • The Mi-Carême Centre - 51 Old Cabot Trail Rd: Sunday to Friday 6pm to 11pm

  • Anita, André & Jennifer with Roland and Linda Larade - 20 Redman RdSunday to Friday

  • Lisette à Joseph Léo Muise - 14632 Cabot TrailSunday to Friday

  • Paulette & Fernand Larade - 14642 Cabot TrailSunday to Friday

  • Annette Fiset - 16080 Cabot TrailSunday to Friday at 6pm

  • Geneology Centre - in the basement  of the Trois Pignons Culture CentreSunday only at 6pm

  • Donna & Mark Larade - 74 Cheticamp Back Rd (in "l’shed"): Monday to Friday

  • Neil Poirier - 249 Mountain Rd in la garage: Tuesday to Friday 

  • The Green Door in the Salle des Retraités located behind St Pierre (St. Peter’s) Church - Tuesday from 10am to 3pm.

  • Lucie & Clifford Maillet - 299 LeFort Rd : Wednesday to Friday

  • Raveston Music School - 15226 Cabot TrailWednesday to Friday

  • Ethel & Amy Haché - 15218 Cabot TrailWednesday to Friday

  • Centre de la Mi-Carême: Saturday march 18th - from 2pm to 4pm Mi-Carême Gala:

Calling on all mi-carêmes! Come celebrate the closing of Mi-Carême celebrations with us.  Free admission for mi-carêmes - for all others (including Mi-Carême "watcheux") $5 at the door.

Competition with prizes for best mi-carême outfit (adult and youth categories)!


Dates & times of Mi-Carême festivities at the Mi-Carême Centre

From Sunday March 12th to Friday 17th: join us merrymakers from 6pm until 11pm to celebrate Acadie’s favourite and most whimsical tradition: Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent) with great local live music, delicious Acadian treats (freshly cooked Acadian fricot, tamarin molasses, fudge and lots more delectable goodies…), and of course the funnest, most creative and most amusing of disguises you’ll ever see! 

Free admission for all - donations to La Société Mi-Carême are greatly appreciated.

Saturday March 18th:  The Mi-Carême Gala! 

Join us for one last fun and joyful celebration of Acadian Mi-Carême, which will include a competition for best “mi-carême” outfit in both youth and adult categories!

Fantastic live music played by local favourite musicians Gélas Deveaux, Marcella Doucet and Chester Delaney will keep you toe-tapping and singing! Treat yourself to plenty of delicious Acadian traditional dishes (including freshly cooked Acadian fricot, tamarin molasses, fudge and lots more delectable goodies…), and of course more guessing games, fun and laughter!

Free admission for mi-carêmes (disguised revellers) - for “watchers” (all others attending) : 5$ entrance fee (paid at the door)

Donations to Société Mi-Carême are greatly appreciated.

Music at the Mi-Carême Centre:

We're very proud to offer the following toe-tapping and upbeat live music to keep you dancing all through a week of fun and festivities:

Live streams of our events available on our Facebook page start at 8pm AST

Sunday March 12th

Robert Deveaux

Jason Roach

Dwayne Poirier

Andrew Poirier


Monday March 13th

Hilda Cormier

Robert Deveaux

Adèle Deveaux


Tuesday March 14th

Robert D

Jason Roach

Claude Bourgeois

Chester Delaney


Wednesday March 15th

Robert D

Hilda C

Adrien Aucoin


Thursday March 16th


Robert D

Jason Roach


Friday March 17th

Hilda C

Robert D

Charlie Bourgeois

Dennis Harold Larade

Saturday March 18th (Mi-Carême Gala)

Gélas Deveaux

Marcella Doucet

Chester Delaney

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