Mi-Carême Wacky Pancakes Contest for Mardi-Gras 2022!

To join our fantastic Mardi-Gras 2022 contest,  decorate your yummiest Mardi-Gras pancakes with the Mi-Carême Centre’s colours!


The colours of our website’s logos and graphics can be used for inspiration!

🏆The best photo earns a gift-card prize of 100$ to use in our Mi-Carême Centre online Boutique, and/or for one of our Mi-Careme Centre summer events https://www.micareme.com/our-events . If you live in or near Chéticamp Nova-Scotia, you also can choose to use your prize 100$ gift card at “Marguerite boutique et provisions” in Chéticamp instead (for location details: https://www.boutiquemarguerite.com)


⭐️ To designate the winner: we will not only take into consideration how yummy your pancake composition looks 🤩, we’ll also consider effort and originality : unusual compositions are welcome of course, as long as the pancakes are edible (you can’t eat paint) and there’s no limit on the number of pancakes in the picture (Nom Nom Nom!). so have fun, feel free to make us laugh, make us feel loved, make us go “Awwwww”, make us go “YUUUUUM!”, make us go WAAOOOW!!!


💌“Easy-peasy pancake-squeezy” submission - all you have to do is:

- like our post on Facebook or Instagram (you can also share it with your friends so they can join the contest too!)

- comment the post by telling us how you make your pancakes (no obligation to give us your super secret recipe, just quickly tell us how you made them or simply give them a title) 

- and add your photo to your comment no later than 11pm AST on Sunday March 20th 2022

During Monday March 21st 2022, our Mi-Carême team will review all the photos and designate a winner. The result will be announced on our Mi-Carême Facebook and Instagram pages on March 22nd 2022 - keep your eyes glued to our Facebook or Instagram pages at noon 12pm AST for the result!


📷Photo rules: photos must clear and in good taste - yup delicious-looking but, you know, suitable for your great-Aunt Murielle to stumble across without giving her a heart-attack 😉 Also, think clean and non cluttered surroundings when you take your photo!

Lastly, photos are easier to submit in jpg format… and we’ll be grateful for that too. If you have any questions or run into any difficulties, just let us know!

🥞🧑‍🍳 OK, Readyyyy, Steadyyyyy…. Happy Pancaking 🥳!!!