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Celebrating Diane Bourgeois

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Come on behind the scenes and meet Diane Bourgeois, our artist-in-residence at the Mi-Carême Centre! We feel so extremely thankful to have Diane with us, she truly is the heART and soul of our Interpretative Centre.

Who is Diane Bourgeois?

As a folk artist with over 1000 paintings and creative art pieces, Diane Bourgeois is a locally beloved painter and wood sculptor from Chéticamp. She has a talent for depicting typical scenes from Cape Breton with a colourful and liberating “Naïve Art” approach, inviting spectators to reconnect with their own childhood innocence. You can catch glimpses of her artwork at different art festivals throughout Nova Scotia, but most often it can be admired, and even bought, at the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre.

How did it all start?

Art found Diane in her thirties, as she began to paint shortly after her mother’s sudden passing. Working her way through grief and loss, Diane felt the need to be transported to happier and more soothing times - times of childhood memories. Art helped Diane to step into that comforting world. It allowed her to express her talent freely, re-living many joyful memories while she transposed them onto any canvas she could get her hands on.

What are Diane's sources of inspiration?

Diane’s favourite sources of inspiration remain scenes of childhood fun and enjoyment from Cheticamp, where she grew up. They can be the beautiful Cape Breton scenery admired from a boat at sea, oceanfront and lighthouse scenes, winter scenes, country-side scenes, scenes of enjoying S’mores by the campfire on the beach, or even activities she loves, such as camping, fishing and hockey… and oh so, so much more!

Diane’s artwork has an adorably heartwarming glow, as it embraces a liberated artistic expression, and voluntarily contrasts with the rules of formal art training. Although her favoured art medium is acrylic painting, Diane loves to experiment new artsy things.

Diane and the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre:

At the Mi-Carême Interpretative Centre, Diane facilitates the Mi-Carême Mask and the OceanFront Creations workshops for young children, youths, families and adults.

See our 2023 art workshops with Diane here:

She's also the one behind all the art projects with the help of the Centre’s members and volunteers. Creating a welcoming, creativity-igniting environment for others, and helping them take artistic leaps of faith as they contemplate trying something new is important to Diane: “Just try it and see” she suggests with a smile - and it works!

Diane pours her heart and fun into everything she creates. Her art glows, so vibrantly colourful and joyful that it touches the heart, putting a smile on everyone’s face!

Did you know that Diane's art even captured the heart of former Lieutenant Governor Adrienne Clarkson?

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Create Art with Diane this Summer 2023!

You too can enjoy learning all sorts of fantastic art tips from Diane by joining one of her artsy immersive experiences this summer 2023 - Book your Oceanfront Creations Experience or Art Mask Experience!

You can also find some of Diane's artwork featured in our Artisanal Boutique:

Source: interview with DANIEL AUCOIN - CKJM - CHETICAMP NS | 13-01-2022

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